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indiana poster be informed

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There is a new emancipation age. Child
support ends at 19, unless there is an education order.


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I pray that doesn't happen in MD. I am counting down the years that I won't have to deal with BM anymore. 13 years and counting!

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For the state of MD the age is 18 unless there is a court order to contiue while the child is in college. I really really hope BM doesn't know this!!!

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Support ends at 19 in Alabama and we are counting down the months. The only saving grace is no alimony in Alabama so BM#1 didn't get any otherwise we would never be rid of her.

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No everyone, this is a GOOD THING. Because up until last week, Indiana said CS stops at 21. So they actually LOWERED IT.

I posted on this when I saw it... how it's gonna work is still up in the air, because some are saying it's retroactive to ALL CS orders written since the beginning of time. Others say ones written before 6/30/2012 will be 21, those written after will be 19 and if you want it changed, you have to petition for a modification.

I have to laugh... they re-write this to get some hopes up. Then "neglect" to put in the details of who, what, where, why, when, and how.

In our case, I'm sure the BM will figure out a way to screw DH out of those 2 additional years. They don't currently have anything in their CO about college. Not that the SK's are even remotely college material, but I see a court date in my DH's future - she may think she needs to petition for college tuition since her gravy train will be coming to an end 2 years sooner than she thought. I myself have been singing the praises of military... because that automatically emancipates them. Just don't know if anyone else around here appreciates my tune.

Hope BM's checking out the 'help wanted' ads, because she hasn't worked a day since sperm met egg over a decade and a half ago.

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The articles I read many judges and attorneys are saying retroacive. SD us 20 not in school and working. However BM downtime want her emancipated. Which would create a court battle.
Decided we were short timers to let it ride. But now he's saying heck yeah.

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I hope it doesn't start here too. However I don;t really think it will as we aren't an alimony start either. And the only way that support goes past 18 is if they are still in HS or college BUT the college HAS to be written in the CO at the time of divorce b/c judges just don;t let them go back to court and grant that when the kids are older.