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Getting a living will

I'm so getting my brother who's an attorney to draw up an iron clad living will for us. I work at a nursing home and there is a man there who's daughter and his wife (stepmom) are waring over him. The step daughter (his daughter) managed to get power of attorney over him and now his wife can not get any information. She has no say in his care anymore and the nurses can't even share information with how he's doing with her. I never want to be risk something like that to happen so I'm setting it up now where there's no doubt that we are in our right now.

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If you are going to have a

If you are going to have a lawyer SS you better watch out. I have heard in some cases where adult skids that are lawyers, most of the time they can get legal monopoly over their parent.

What shouldn't have happened is the skid should have never became a lawyer. My DH's YSD will soon finish off law school and he told her that he wants her to help him with his estate. He already has a lawyer, but he wants his daughter to work close with the lawyer to make sure the lawyer he has is doing an honest job.

NEVER NEVER let your skids ever get a legal education where they end up becoming lawyers, they will just end up screwing you in court.

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That's why I'm going to get

That's why I'm going to get my brother or dad (both attorney's to do it) I want to see what we can do to keep anything like that from happening. I'm also going to have wills drawn up too. Since I'm about to start earning twice what DH does I want to be sure everything is protected.

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We are in the process of

We are in the process of getting a living will, power of attorney and wills drawn up. DH keeps dragging his feet with prepping his letter that will be attached to our wills. We both are not on speaking terms currently with SD. DH says he is leaving her nothing. Everything we have is owned jointly and has been purchased while we were married. I am worried that if I die first, he will change his and give her everything. I have asked DH that in the event I die first and he reconnects with SD, that my half of our estate be split between my two nieces (we have no children of our own) and that he may give his half to SD (if they every speak again) Does anyone ever worry about this? We are tenants in the entirety, so everything we own goes to the surviving spouse. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can truly safeguard my share so it does not go to SD?

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If He dies first, everything

If He dies first, everything goes to me and vice versa. If we both die together, we currently want everything to go to my nieces and his nephew, nothing to SD. We had an awful mess with her a month ago and she said she doesn't want anything to do with us every again. That has happened before though and we let her back in. He says he won't do it again, but it is his kid, so I do believe she will be back eventually. Since we have our homes listed as tenants in the entirety, it automatically goes to the surviving spouse. The cars are all owned jointly. We each have private possessions that we want to go to certain family, which is listed in an additional letter with the will. Also, we both have my niece as the executrix in the event of both of our death. We both trust her to do the right thing in this case. I want to trust DH but I know that blood is thicker than water and I've seen family go crazy over materialistic items before in the event of death (I've seen it in both our families). Still, I think SD would try and contest it.

His half would be plenty for him, as he is the bread winner in our family.

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always wrong, I don't think

always wrong,

I don't think you can change anything in whatever afterlife we experience. If you die first, your husband could indeed change anything. However, I would check with a trust and wills attorney.