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I feel sorry for him

I was looking at a picture of my step son today and I really do feel sorry for him because there's one half of his life that he doesn't even know about I know in time when he is old enough to understand he will resent his mother its so sad when a woman tries to use a child as a pawn.

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I completely understand. Our

I completely understand. Our BM uses the SDs as her ticket to get back at DH. She literally will do things that punish her own kids to get back at him. The SDs are 10 and 8. SD10 will realize her mom is not acting appropriately at times. She will sometimes say stuff. I think in another 2 or 3 years, the full extent of her mother's behavior will become evident.

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Around 13/14 it appears they

Around 13/14 it appears they start to finally get it!

Feeling like Katniss Everdeen for some reason....

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Well... in my case. Even at

Well... in my case. Even at the age of 18 after DH and I have taken care of him for a year and treated him very well. And he sees the truth about BM. His loyalty is still with BM and he continues to resent me.... I used to think things would change when he got older but they haven't.

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That sux

That sux

I used to try and understand BM but I don't speak psycho!