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Penis selfie

DH bought himself a digital camera last night and was going through my SD cards to find one he could use

SD card #1 had pictures of my brother's prom and HS graduation, clouds and a couple other things. It was obviously my parents SD card, but then I saw a picture of an IM I got from an ex boyfriend (9-10 years old card).

That's when I grabbed the computer from DH and said that maybe I should look through the rest of the pictures alone.

But he grabbed it back and 5 pictures later there was a dick on the computer screen.

Most awkward moment of my life.

I'm not quite sure why there are pictures that my parents took and pictures that I took on this card though.

I should just leave this mystery unsolved.

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Lol! That is really funny!

Lol! That is really funny! What did DH say? It was really old, he has to know you have a past, we all do! I think I would die too though!

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He laughed his ass off about

He laughed his ass off about it.

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Yikes.. hopefully it wasn't

Yikes.. hopefully it wasn't your dads lol

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Ewww freverstacey.....thanks

Ewww freverstacey.....thanks your comment took it to the highest ewww level

OMGosh Jawdropping!

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pssht its YOUR dad!!! not

pssht its YOUR dad!!! not mine lol

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Ha ha ha! That is funny!

Ha ha ha! That is funny!

Stephen King has ruined your step children!
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And you haven't destroyed

And you haven't destroyed them? I love the story someone on here tells of how they littered BM's naked pics down by a truck stop or some such place. lol

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This happened to me and DH

This happened to me and DH when I got a new camera a few years ago, he gave me a card to put it that he had laying around. I ended up seeing one of his ex girlfriend naked. I said "What the HEll?" then SD 6 at the time said "what let me see? me: "Nope!" Then i took a picture of DH looking embarrased as hell after he deleted the pictures.... it was actually pretty funny

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haha except it's not a "penis

haha except it's not a "penis selfie" unless you were taking pictures of YOUR penis. I'm guessing you don't have one of those Sticking out tongue

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I think the ex took the

I think the ex took the picture himself. I honestly don't remember ever doing that. Holding it with one hand and snapping the picture with the other. I should have distributed it.

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sorry, dying to know but how

sorry, dying to know but how does the penis compare to DH's... I mean if he was proud of his compared to your ex boyfriends, SCORE! but if the ex's was nicer than DH might have an issue with that! hahah right?

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DH's is a million times

DH's is a million times better! He is also very proud of what he is packing Smiling

There's only two guys that ever gave me the big O. One I was engaged to and the other I married. This ex was not either one of tbem, lol.